Under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme the independence of rental property inventory reports is crucial to protect both landlord and tenant in the event of a dispute at the end of a tenancy agreement. At Red Chilli Inventories our expertise ensures you are provided with a professional, independent and non-biased report that is easy to understand. You will receive a report that can be fully relied upon by both parties to minimise the risk of lengthy and expensive disputes.

We use modern, up to date software and our reports are prepared simultaneously whilst inspecting properties.

Our reports provide a full property description and contain high quality, embedded, digital, dated, colour photographs to support the report contents. The reports cover the fabric of your building, providing detailed information what is at the property prior to the tenancy commencing, with full details of condition and defects. Our reports provide descriptions from floor to ceiling including doors, flooring, woodwork, walls, paintwork, windows, ceilings, light fittings, curtains and blinds, sockets and switches, radiators and to include all indoor areas. The report will also include descriptions and photographs of any fittings, white goods and furniture. The report will include all outdoor spaces including gardens, garages, outbuildings.

All reports provide overall cleanliness standards together with gas, electricity and solar meter readings plus details of keys.

Smoke alarms, heat alarms and CO detectors are tested and their locations noted in the report.

All reports are digitally signed to give you peace of mind they are independently prepared and verified.

We offer a quick turnaround to suit your timings and reports can be emailed within 24 hours of preparation and completion of property inspection.


The inventory does not include any guarantee of the working condition of, or safety of, any fixture or fitting.  This includes items such as windows, taps, heating system, gas or electrical appliances, which are in no way tested.  The only exception is light bulbs, which will be noted as present and working if necessary.

Smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors will be photographed, their locations described, and will have their test button pressed only. The report will note whether a sound was emitted.

Where fire labels are present on furniture these will be noted and photographed.

Loft spaces and cellars will not be inspected unless they are safely accessible, habitable and well lit. Ladders are not used therefore areas or items above eyeline will not necessarily be included. Inaccessible areas will not be inspected.


The inventory will provide a fair and accurate record of the condition and contents of the property and internal condition at the time of the inventory. The person preparing the report is not an expert on fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, nor a qualified surveyor, valuer, builder etc. Words such as silver, chrome, oak etc are used as a general description for identification purposes only and not the actual composition of the material.

The inventory report should be used as a guide and not a structural report. Fixtures and fittings are listed and described, they are not tested.

It is the responsibility of the landlord and tenant, or respective agents, to agree between themselves the accuracy of the report.  Any discrepancies must be reported. 

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